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Care Home Services

Yakub Chemist is regarded as one of the leading pharmacy healthcare providers in the midlands and is known for its outstanding customer service. Yakub Chemist is growing into a more efficient and client-focused company and services and supplies numerous residential and nursing homes throughout Leicestershire. We ensure that we prioritise our customer’s every requirement by carefully tailoring our service to the specific needs of each individual home. We have developed excellent relationships with our care homes and liaise with them regularly to ensure that we are able to manage patient records accurately and efficiently.

Services We Offer

We understand the demands of this industry and we at Yakub Chemist look to make the challenges of each individual home as simple and accommodating as possible and therefore offer the following services:




Additional services we offer

  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Request, Collection and Delivery of Monthly Medication
  • Printed Mar Charts
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Priority Scripts faxed by 7pm are delivered the same day*
  • Care home staff are trained to an NPA Approved Level
  • Inspections and advice to care homes in line with CQC guidelines
  • Over 20 years of Experience in Monitored Dosage System
Yakub Chemist offers an extensive range of different medicine management systems, each having their own benefits. Regardless of how effective a medicine may be for a patient, it would be of little or no use if not taken or administered correctly. We appreciate the challenges the healthcare sector face when managing medication and therefore a business manager or pharmacist within Yakub Chemist will help you decide which systems and services you can benefit from the most and which will be the safest and most accurate administration system for you and your team.

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Yakub Care Home Services

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