The Manrex System

The Manrex System allows the pharmacy to heat seal medication in an easy to use blister pack and above all ensure on time safe administration of medication. Each Manrex blister contains oral solid medications for each major administration time of the day.

Its colour coding and heat sealed technology ensures it is simple and above all safe. In addition the simplicity of the system allows the care home to remove any stopped medication immediately.

The five supplied blisters in the appropriate colour for the time of day:

pink = morning
yellow = lunchtime
orange = teatime
blue = bedtime
white = when required medication or short term antibiotics

By sorting the packs in this way, it makes it easy for you to complete your rounds – you only need to take the medication that you need for that particular medication round.

What are the benefits?


‘No touch’ administration technique

✓ Easy monitoring of doses
Increased security
 Detailed record keeping
 Reduced scope for error
✓ Decreased stock holding in homes
 Reduced workload
Less wastage


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